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MIDE architetti, the house with a porch



When the clients commissioned the Veneto-based firm MIDE architetti to create a home with simple lines that is deeply integrated with the large park that surrounds it, the designers had no doubts: the solution would have been a single floor house with a porch, where the large open space of the living room, facing south, is meant as a glass box mirroring on the park, protected by a large porch.

On the other hand, the sleeping area is more introspective: the external walls are in concrete face view and have geometrical openings in to the garden.

The large flat roof brings together all the rooms of the house, allowing for an adequate protection from the sun and the atmospheric events. The porch is characterized by the presence of light wells that receive the trees, strengthening the synergy between the building and the surrounding park.

Finally, the abacus of materials is deliberately limited to reinforce the project concept: glass, wood and a particular reddish hue of the concrete, all connected with the Venetian terrazzo flooring. The result is a house with a well-defined identity, where the architecture makes a strong contribution to the enhancement of the available space in this area of the province of Padua.