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MED, the kitchen covered in Lapitec stone is the heart of a Catalan apartment



Recently renovated by CírculoCuadrado, MED is the apartment owned by a Catalan painter who wanted the kitchen to be the heart of his house.

The renovation took place with total respect for the pre-existing architectural elements – such as the typical Catalan vaulted ceiling or the wooden front door – involving a complete rethinking of the layout to optimize the provision of natural light in the most lived-in areas of the house.

MED spreads over two levels, the living area is designed in an open-space layout, while the large sleeping area is accompanied by the owner’s creative atelier. Two captivating internal patios enhance the space: one with a dining area in exposed brick and microcement, featuring a covered and air-conditioned swimming pool, and the second leading to the atelier and terrace, also equipped with a steel and ceramic pool, polarizing the spaces and offer secluded and very intimate open-air views.

The Mediterranean style of the interior is conveyed through a multitude of factors, primarily the choice of materials and colors. The white walls and some of the furnishings emphasize the contrasts given by the wooden floors, the terracotta ceiling, and the natural fiber of the intricately woven lamps – crafted by local artisans – as well as all the decorations in glass, wood, ceramic, and linen. These elements are arranged around a palette of neutral or earthy tones, reminiscent of the Catalan landscape, with occasional touches of a cool sea blue in the bathroom area. The stylistic signature is typical of the Iberian Peninsula, combining contemporary accessories with salvaged elements that tell the story of the place.

Of central importance in the living area is the large peninsula kitchen of handcrafted design, a monolith that serves as a home-working station and seamlessly integrates into the architecture, becoming part of the staircase leading to the upper floor. Embedded within it are the utility services and the heated towel rail. Crafted from Lapitec sintered stone – a 100% natural material – the countertop has been selected in a rough finish that, to the touch, recalls the texture of natural stone while providing the resistance and hygiene performance typical of cutting-edge materials.

In conclusion, the rear area of the house, features a double-height ceiling and houses a reading and relaxation room. Part of the sleeping area also overlooks this space, which includes two suite bedrooms with dedicated private bathrooms and respective walk-in closets.

MED is a project that narrates the Catalan style with a contemporary and international language, focusing on quality and performance.