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Melogranoblu at Euroluce, quality and emotion for the new collections


The latest edition of Euroluce was full of novelties for Melogranoblu, the interior lighting company based in the province of Bergamo which presented the new creations, rigorously made of hand-blown glass in its own laboratory.

Diapason, designed by Giorgio Soressi, is the new collection of suspension, floor and wall lamps inspired by the curved lines of the tuning fork and made starting from the union of two noble materials: brushed natural brass and frosted glass; the roundness of the glass and the design of the structure express vintage shapes in a contemporary transposition.

Maat, Api and Bes bear the name of ancient divinities and are three suspension lamps made of blown glass characterized by thin lines that create a delicate pleated effect. In emerald, sapphire, amethyst or frosted white colors, they are also available in table version.

A double bell shape defines Artusi, a suspension lamp with an exterior finish in metallic copper color reminiscent of haute cuisine equipment; inside Artusi hides a second bell in frosted ruled glass and it is available in three sizes with different heights and diameters.

In addition, the particular shape of Ghanta suspension lamp, made of brown metallic glass with a frosted white or gold leaf pendant, resembles the typical Tibetan ritual bells and is also available in the version with transparent glass bell and frosted pendant.

On the other hand, Galuchat is a suspension and table lamp in transparent blown glass with opaque anthracite painted metal frame: its irregular texture reminiscent of the manufacturing of shark tanned leather also called “galuchat” from the name of its first user, Jean-Claude Galuchat, a French craftsman at the service of King Louis XV.     

Two other lamps, in suspension and table versions, enrich Melogranoblu’s catalogue: Bartolomeo, with its bell-shaped transparent glass and three frosted spheres, is a tribute to Bartolomeo Colleoni, a historical “condottiero” from Bergamo (Italy) of the 1400s; Au, made of gold metallic blown glass, is inspired by the precious metal par excellence, whose symbol is Au, from the Latin “Aurum”.

Finally, the Soap Dome table lamp is now also available in metallic version: as with all the other suspension elements in the Soap collection, the frosted sculpture hidden inside comes to life thanks to the light source that makes the external metal finish transparent.

With these new collections Melogranoblu reaffirms its identity, a perfect combination of quality and emotion.