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Microcosmi, marble meets bricks in the new collection by Ceramica Magica



Capable of combining aesthetics and strength, appreciated since ancient times, Ceramica Magica, Terratinta Group’s brand, enhances the beauty of marble in the new Microcosmi collection, that bets on the contamination of styles starting from the most prestigious material.

In fact, Ceramica Magica proposes Microcosmi together with Materici, the collection launched by Sartoria, the Terratinta Group brand that offers handcrafted products and small sizes with special attention to colour.

Thus, Terratinta Group connects the perfection of the most refined and rare marbles with the imperfection of handcrafted bricks, reworking the theme of “handmade” in a contemporary key thanks to modern production systems.

Materici offers highly polished porcelain stoneware bricks in the 6x25cm size that enrich surfaces with surprising colour effects and plays of light, while Microcosmi offers a marble range composed of four different varieties in both traditional and large sizes: Calacatta Macchia Antica, Calacatta Green, Irish Green and Verde Alpi. To complete the proposal there is also a new Granito, the interpretation of the Venetian terrace designed in the 80×80 size by Ceramica Magica.

These four marbles are available in two sizes: 120×280 in Light 6 mm thickness and the classic 60×120 in 10 mm, the traditional thickness of ceramics. There is also Granite in the 80×80 size to break up the “classic” nature of marble.