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Milan Design Week, all the latest news at Materials Village


The 5th edition of Materials Village, the hub of Material ConneXion Italia dedicated to materials, new technologies and sustainability, is back from April 17th to the 22nd in the Superstudio Più open space, focusing more and more on the promotion of efficient and innovative materials and addressing a transversal public that intersects different areas: from interior design to building, from textiles to architecture.

For this next edition Materials Village will cover an area of over 1,850 square meters, occupying the entrance of Superstudio and the entire Art Garden, a tree-lined garden that the opportunity will turn into an unpublished village; moreover, it will propose two large installations signed respectively by Studio Marco Piva and Yona Friedman

Starting from the main entrance, visitors to the Fuorisalone will be welcomed by a scenic tower designed by architect and designer Marco Piva: “The Tower of Colors“, a work that will showcase the primary materials that form the basis of an architectural project . 

Next to the tower, the circular economy theme will be evolved, once again protagonist of another excellent installation by Yona Friedman, famous architect-utopist, designer and urbanist, always involved in the world of sustainability and circular economy. 

In addition, Materials Village will host more than 20 companies connected to the world of materials and production processes, which will present avant-garde design and technological proposals in terms of aesthetics, sustainability, optimization and circular economy: a path between “little hosues” and exhibition modules where you can discover materials that open unimaginable horizons up to just a few years ago. 

Among the many innovations of this edition, a name of excellence stands out and that is the MIT Media Lab’s participation as a partner company, interdisciplinary research laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, which will present a preview of a research project dedicated to a performance fabric that reacts differently based on the percentage of atmospheric pollution. In particular, unisex t-shirts, equipped with sensors able to detect the level of danger in the air. 

The Material ConneXion Italia’s hub dedicated to materials is the perfect place for companies that want to present their most innovative products to the world of design, architecture and technology during the Design Week; in particular this year the technologies dedicated to color will characterize a path wrought by exhibiting companies, such as manufacturers of acrylic paints, pure pigments, water colors for ceramics, fabric and glass, as well as wear-resistant paints, chemical agents and solar rays: ecological products that aim to improve the environmental impact. 

Because improving the quality of life also passes through a thorough knowledge of materials and a culture that is consistent with the principles of sustainability.