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Milano Design Week 2019, the design lighting by Patrizia Volpato at Hotel Regeneration


Having its headquarters well rooted in the Venetian province, the brand Patrizia Volpato rises from an artisanal company born in 1980 and focused on the production of high-quality decorative lamps within the design lighting sector.

Today, almost forty years later, whilst still referring to the ancient craftsmanship of glassblowing, typical of the Murano island, it became an exceptional blend of traditions and modernity with elegant mixes of different styles: the company designs and produces its own collections as well as custom-made fixtures for different environments, in relation to its Italian and foreign clients, such as general contractors within the building sector, architectural firms, international hotels, cruise ships, furniture companies, well-known fashion brands and private residences.

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2019, some products by Patrizia Volpato will be protagonists at Hotel Regeneration, the exhibition organised by the architect Simone Micheli for the Lambrate Design District:

Love Life Mexican, original creations designed by Patrizia Volpato that express the purity of simple lines, in a game that displays the alternation of full and empty forms, resulting in two versions: a chandelier and a lamp;

Balance Space Tenda RGB, a monumental light fixture designed by Simone Micheli, 3m tall and 4m wide, with led RGB spotlights and a particular fabric drape;

Creative Life Prisma, a chandelier created by Aldo Bruno Maria Teardo and made of methacrylate that offers a unique sparkle, capable of warming up any space;

Cosy Time Sfera, a floor lamp designed by Patrizia Volpato and formed by four spheres, which in turn are actually made of metal round disks according to modern lines.

Refresh Space Essenze, an hexagonal modular lamp created by Patrizia Volpato, formed by a direct light on the front and another one on the back side to give a scattered light effect.

Efficiency, expertise, flexibility, reliability, accuracy and care for details: the founding values of the company are the basis for the exclusive creations signed Patrizia Volpato, a perfect combination of technicality and artistry.