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Mutaforma at Cersaie 2018


This year Mutaforma, the nanotechnology-driven augmented material brand, will take part in Cersaie 2018: for the world-famous exhibition dedicated to surface design, ceramics and bathroom furnishings, the company drew inspiration from the British duo Pet Shop Boys and their 2016 album SUPER to create SUPERior surfaces with a twist. 

The exhibition concept is Ancient stories | modern SUPERpowers: the display highlights the brand’s design philosophy, a future-oriented approach, exquisite application of nanotechnology on material, inspired by a visionary blend of traditional and pop culture, just like the Pet Shop Boys, who stay true to their music philosophy regardless of trends. 

The Mutaforma stand concept at Cersaie is based on light and colourful pop architecture, a perfect synergy of simplicity and technology: a surprising SUPER-trilogy and a meeting space, defined by colours and light; the brand’s glass material is a stratified, composite and nanotechnological creation originating from a novel philosophy of material design

At Cersaie, Mutaforma will also present mutaforma for CONTRACT: this new concept marks a transition from SUPERpowers (Nanidor and Grand Tour) to the HYPERpersonalization of materials to suit even our most demanding clientele; inspired by the material itself, visitors fantasize, reflect on insights and thus participate in the co-creation process

In contrast to the pop setup, the closing wall of the stand features an eye-catching example of mutaforma’s tailor-made service: an exquisite rendition of Renato Guttuso’s La Vucciria, whose vibrant colourful scene, its glorious mix of life and colours, has been reinvented à la mutaforma aiming to achieve pictorial perfection

With mutaforma for CONTRACT, each project is customised using superior techniques. The goal is to recreate any design with minuscule Tilla® picotesserae, blending top-notch craftmanship and intense artistic emotion to produce authentic works of art. 

In particular, mosaic tesserae are set in a unique RAIN pattern, ensuring unparalleled details whilst preserving the heritage of traditional mosaic even when applying nanotechnology. 

The company will also present the SUPERcollections that premiered at Salone 2018: NANIDOR by Matteo Cibic – a collection of patterns for interior design applications, fit for luxury and neo-luxury ambiances such as hotels, spas, boutiques and private houses; GRAND TOUR by Gupica – an imaginative journey originating from images, photographs, travel memoirs and sketches with a bespoke aesthetics reminiscent of the Grand Tour era. 

At Cersaie, Mutaforma finally aims to showcase their know-how and heritage, finding inspiration in the ancient culture of mosaic works whilst creating a unique material to cover surfaces befitting our era: in the fast-paced industry of augmented materials, the brand introduces a SUPERior creation that anticipates a design revolution, with Made in Italy flair.