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The new San Raffaele “Iceberg” by Mario Cucinella Architects


On September 10th the construction of the so-called “San Raffaele Iceberg” in Milan has started: it will be the new surgical and emergency center of the San Raffaele Hospital, the heart of a consolidated and high density building fabric. 

With a surface of 40,000 sqm, 10 levels and 283 beds, the project, designed by Mario Cucinella Architects, consists of two complementary elements: the technical slab that houses the most important hospital functions, such as the surgical block with 20 operating rooms, intensive care, and first aid; the tower, with the in-patient wards (300 beds) and outpatient clinics. 

The buildings are designed with a maximum rationality of layout and are characterized by careful management of the vertical and horizontal connecting spaces, as well as the harnessing of natural light to illuminate underground connections to the rest of the hospital. 

The expected works completion year is 2020.