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New Arblu mirrors for the bathroom space



The mirror is an essential component in every bathroom: it is a functional element and could exalt the features of the space.

It’s true for Arblu mirrors, supplied with lighting systems, integrated shelves, and units; they can either freely matched with washbasins and pieces of furniture, or they can be also used alone in various spaces.

New shapes and new models enlarge the range of proposals of the Friulian company:  this consists of new models Sasso, Esagono – with or without frame – Allegro rectangular and Allegro oval. These mirrors are all supplied with a back-lighting system of a high-quality led; in addition, Allegro mirrors include a lacked metal frame and shelf available in Alublack finish.

The greatest innovation of most part of the mirrors is represented by the Blu Sensor, an Arblu customized touch switch, which is directly obtained on the mirror: Blu Sensor, beside controlling the lightening of the mirror, in some circumstances, could also dimmer the intensity and the colour of the light.

Also, Arblu spots by minimal shapes represents a novelty: combined with mirrors, they regulate the intensity of colour and light, passing from a warmer to a colder one, literaly to perfectly reflect the elegance of Arblu style.