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NYCXxDesign, the new lamps by Luceplan


On the occasion of NYCxDesign in New York Luceplan has introduced the US market to the new lamps Amisol, Mesh 55 and Mesh ceiling, respectively signed by Daniel Rybakken and Francisco Gomez Paz.

For the Milan-based company, which has always played a leading role in design fairs and international events, it was also a significant opportunity to consolidate its presence on the strategic American market, where Luceplan has been dealing since 1994, reporting double-digit growth over the last few years, thanks to positive economic trends and the increasing attention to Made in Italy exclusive products.

The brand is a synonym of style, innovation and attention to detail in terms of materials and fine craftsmanship: its production investigates timely themes such as acoustic comfort – acoustic lamps represent 50% of Luceplan turnover in US – energy efficiency, IoT etc. thanks to a versatile nature, both decorative and architectural, particularly appreciated overseas.

Moreover, the company’s showroom – located in Manhattan’s SoHo prestigious neighborhood – has been refreshed with new shop windows conceived to display the brand philosophy through its greatest products: every piece embodies Luceplan values and intentions to respond to human needs, combining functional quality, technology and aesthetic refinement.

These characteristics are vividly applied in Amisol, the latest suspension driven by the creative flair of Daniel Rybakken: a lamp with clean lines, suitable for residential contexts and contract projects, which occupies a large physical space with an adjustable volume that has been reduced to a minimum: a translucent white film or a metallized reflecting membrane stretched inside a circular aluminum border.

Like a solar sail, a powerful light source projects a beam of light onto the large, very light disk; slender rods connect the two main parts; by altering the length and points of connection of the support cables, the rotation of the disk can be set at any angle and the light – precisely reflected or diffused by the circular structure – makes the project simultaneously theatrical and poetic.

In addition, following the successful launch of Mesh 100 and 80, Luceplan presents Mesh 55 and Mesh ceiling version: designed by Francisco Gomez Paz, it is a lamp of great impact whose almost transparent structure – composed of a network of flexible cables with LED sources positioned at their intersections – conceals the complexity of the design, dematerializing it to make room just for the light, the true protagonist; the particular structure allows exceptional freedom in the control of luminance: it is possible to govern the intensity of the light and to choose which portions of the lamp to turn on.

A fantastic mix of beauty and quality: this is the concept of light by Luceplan.