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SALIOT, “smart” lighting by MinebeaMitsumi


SALIOT, acronym of Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet of Things: the name itself explains the innovative characteristics of the new product launched in European market by the Japanese Comprehensive Precision Components Manufacturer MinebeaMitsumi

Recently presented at Light+Building 2018 fair in Frankfurt, it is a groundbreaking versatile and performing LED lighting system which allows the complete remote control of light using a wireless communication system.

This makes it possible to simplify all types of regulation, even the most sophisticated ones, improves its efficiency and reduces operating costs: in fact, SALIOT has already won some important international awards, from the Good Design Award in Japan to the iF Design Award in Germany and to the DFA Awards of the Hong Kong Design Center (for the SALIOT Cube device).

It is possible to operate SALIOT by installing the SALIOT application in your smartphone, thanks to which you will be able to control the different functions and all of its features such as dimming, color temperature, the angle of distribution of the light beam, orientation, single or group configuration of the devices, configurations savings, the replay function or the tracking one; up to 100 light devices can be managed individually or in groups.

SALIOT has been designed to offer a complete light management system that allows you to create countless environmental scenarios and opens new possibilities in the field of lighting with obvious advantages:

-It can be controlled from your smartphone, to activate rapid scenery changes thanks to blue tooth with Mesh network.

 -It allows you to get the best light for multiple environments: by combining the best of the technologies developed by MinebeaMitsumi, with SALIOT it is possible to control the direction of the light beam, to dim the light intensity, to change the angle of light distribution and the color temperature;

 -Thanks to a specific function it is possible to program different settings and modify them instantly;

 -Managing the adjustments is safe, simple and smart: it will no longer be necessary to intervene directly on headlights positioned at the top, for example in environments where it is not easy to access with a ladder, especially if as small as the store windows.

Technology and smart approach for a new concept of lighting innovation.