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Pillier by Liu Jo Living, a new home architecture



Conceived to become the supporting pillar of the living room, Pillier is the new storage cabinet designed by Simone Cagnazzo for Liu Jo Living in order to redesign the home architecture.

Characterised by decisive lines, Pillier focuses on a striking optical effect that makes it different depending on the perspective point from which it is observed; on the other hand, an interplay of solids and voids makes its surface dynamic.

Pillier is conceived in two versions: a sideboard and a cabinet defined by a pure shape, an irregular oval, embellished by the contrast of concave and convex volumes of the shaped wood, declined in the heights that characterize both pieces of furniture.

The doors have a 3d cannulated processing and are available in two finishes: Canaletto walnut and charcoal ash, while the top and bottom are lacquered and shaped on the edges. Like tectonic pillars, the reliefs that emerge from the ribbed wood further characterize Pillier’s verticality.