Reflex, the forms of photography for the bathroom by Pierattelli and IB Rubinetti

June 24, 2020

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Reflex, the forms of photography for the bathroom by Pierattelli and IB Rubinetti


Inspired by the camera lens, Reflex is the name of the new collection of remote controls, surface or wall mounted, designed by Pierattelli Architetture in collaboration with IB Rubinetti to redefine the classic aesthetic canons of the bathroom through an innovative, original design.

The collection is characterised by simple, clean lines, combinable finishes, a cylindrical brass body with solid brass rings that regulate the flow of hot and cold water by replicating the working of focusing bezels on a camera lens.

Together with IB Rubinetti, the architects have also faced the challenge of superimposing two supplies in a single independent body: one of the the Reflex’s main features, compared to other products in the same category.

The brass used is eco-brass with zero lead content: an eco-compatible material that not only guarantees the protection of users’ health, but also meets the certification conditions of the US, Scandinavian countries and Australia.

Pierattelli Architetture explains:

In an increasingly digital age, we have drawn inspiration from the analogue world to reinterpret the bathroom’s classic aesthetic canons. The result is a remote control that in form and function recalls the photographic lens of the reflex: a simple object, but at the same time innovative”.

The Reflex, which can be associated with any mouth, is available in 12 finishes, entirely made within IB Rubinetti, which enable new combinations to be created between body and bezel: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Natural Brass, Matt Black, Black Chrome, Brushed Black Chrome, 20k English Gold, 20k Brushed English Gold, 23k Pink Gold, Brushed Pink Gold 23k, Gold24k, Brushed Gold 24k.

The real Reflex innovation is customisation“, says Andrea Bregoli, CEO of IB Rubinetti. “With Pierattelli Architetture we have worked outside the box to offer a product able to adapt to individual preferences, create new habits and make life better. The Reflex can be positioned at will: to the right or left of the washbasin, on a surface whether created ad hoc or not, and as a control for an overhead, countertop or wall outlet. Having fully internalised finishes has allowed us to break down production and logistical limits, increasing options and fully customising aesthetics“.