Siamo tutti uno, the rugs by Carpet Edition for indigenous people

July 14, 2020

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Siamo tutti uno, the rugs by Carpet Edition for indigenous people


A collection of rugs conceived to give a voice to indigenous people, now threatened by the health emergency, but always subjected to violent genocide and slavery: Siamo tutti uno (translate is We are all one) is the name of an extraordinary project conceived from the collaboration between Carpet Edition and Roberta Mari with Silvia Zylberman Pio.

On the one hand the indigenous people with their sustainable lifestyle, the best custodians of the natural world; on the other hand, Roberta Mari (Milanese of Tuscan origin) and Silvia Zylberman Pio (Polish-Brazilian), who share cultural fusion and the love of integration among styles and different languages, and they were able to design a collection of surprising visual impact, capable of communicating an emotion and telling a story.

Every one of the seven Siamo tutti uno rugs is, in fact, a tribute to the lifestyle of the Amazon populations: the designs of the Urihi and Kyrin are inspired by the Kaiapó body paintings, the Memby evoke childhood decorations, the graphics of the Exas is a message of good health, and the form of each one echo the arrow used for hunting.

Made by hand, as all of the rugs in the Hand Made collection, in this case in wool and Hardtwist, can be used individually or in combination freely matching bright colors and geometric designs.

To contribute in a concrete way to the conservation and defense of the Earth and of indigenous populations, Carpet Edition has decided to contribute a percentage of the sales of every carpet in the Siamo tutti uno collection to Survival International, the worldwide movement dedicated to indigenous populations ( formed in 1969 by a group of people profoundly disturbed by the extermination of Amazonian Indians, Survival fights to defend the lives, land and future of these populations who should have the same rights as all contemporary societies, as told in the extraordinary book We are one (Logos editions), to which the collection owes its name.