SOCRATE Outdoor, the modular system for the outdoor space

May 25, 2021

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SOCRATE Outdoor, the modular system for the outdoor space


A modular system, with great versatility, aesthetically light but structurally solid: Socrate Outdoor, designed by Mario Trimarchi and Caimi Lab, comes thirty years after the creation of the original Socrate, which is Caimi’s iconic shelving system.

Socrate Outdoor is conceived as a complete program, equipped with accessories that make it functional for multiple and varied outdoor uses, both for small spaces such as balconies, garden corners but also for large areas such as terraces, dedicated areas in parks, hotels and spa; it can also be exploited in order to bring “green features” that are most important to us in the workplace.

Socrate Outdoor is composed of a basic structure consisting of uprights, crossbars and grids, manufactured in galvanized and painted steel rod; the shelves are offered in galvanized and painted metal and in marble, plant supports and grids are also made of galvanized and painted steel while the functional containers on wheels are in stainless steel; the program includes modules of 45×45 cm that serve two different heights, allowing maximum compositional expression.

Particular attention was also paid to the selection of the chromatic range: in fact, structures, shelves and accessories can be combined with each other for an unprecedented and effective play of colours, which harmonize well with natural shades; the colors of the structure are anthracite grey and a pastel turquoise, while the metal accessories are anthracite grey, pastel turquoise, olive green and green-white.

Finally, Socrate Outdoor, like all Caimi products, is easy to assemble and disassemble, designed to be stored and transported using as little space as possible; last but not least, all materials are 100% recyclable, with the most rigorous respect for the environment.