Spring at home: Instabilelab presents Infinitaprimavera

May 13, 2019

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Spring at home: Instabilelab presents Infinitaprimavera

Spring is coming and with the latest Instabilelab wallpaper collections bright colours, impetuous nature and many plants and flowers explode even on the walls: in fact new Infinitaprimavera graphics are born, and they’re dedicated to the carefree season, celebrated with a blaze of lively fantasies and bright floral patterns. 

Infinitaprimavera patterns are various and surprising: Brazil, inspired by the tropical nature; Amazonia, for a jungle style; Pratt, that turns walls into flower gardens; Dragon Flies, with iridescent dragonfly wings; Cages, for floral vintage-chic landscapes; Rio Grande, full of colors; Autumn Flowers, a floral dream; Rock Mountain, inspired by mountainous landscape; Savage, dedicated to free-spirits; Vita, dominated by flower power.

Born in the new Custom-me creative project which gives to the wallpapers the role of being decor themes that can be printed in any component (such as armchairs, lamps, nightstands, tables, carpets and textiles), these original and fresh graphics easily adapt to any home and contract environment, giving a colorful and endearing effect that is  never trivial and creates a “never ending Spring” inside the room. 

 All of the wallpapers are applicable in any kind of supports: Vinilica, available in Plain (smooth) Middle (wrinkled), Worked (embossed) and Touch (woven, fabric effect), Fibra, a fiberglass waterproof coating which is humidity and atmospheric agents resistant that perfectly fits the use in a bathroom and outdoor and Acustica, a wallcovering that is made up of a fiberglass fabric laminated with a special honeycomb veil for sound absorption.

Are you ready for spring in your home?