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Stick, the new lamps by Studiopepe for Contardi Lighting



Stick Collection is the name of the new collection of lamps born from the collaboration of the designer duo Studiopepe with Contardi Lighting, an Italian lighting company renowned for its ability to develop customised and large-scale lighting solutions for luxury hospitality projects.

With their minimal and geometric design, the Stick lamps start from a basic module with a triangular section – a repeated object, which allows for infinite configurations and always conveys new expressive strength. They are available in wall-mounted and pendant versions.

The skilfully modulated light emanates from a diffuser with a ribbed glass effect, contained within a metal structure in satin copper and golden nickel finishes.

Arianna Lelli Mami – Studiopepe explains:

“Designing a lamp means contemplating how the shape of the object will determine the lighting effect. In STICK, the light seems to come from architectural cuts. This has a very specific intention: stylish lighting design and output. Like the choice of finishes in classic and neutral colours, evocative of Nanda Vigo’s ‘70s atmospheres – colours act like absorbents, capable of conveying the visual and tactile impression of velvet.”

Massimo Brigandì, General Manager of Contardi Lighting, says:

“The greatest international designers want to work with Contardi for its uniqueness. We are identified as the ultimate arch-decorative lighting brand. A definition that we have coined, a category that our projects and products have helped to create and spread. The decorative lamp, for Contardi – in addition to fulfilling an ornamental function and furnishing – must essentially illuminate and do it masterfully. Therefore, it must possess all the features required by lighting designers […]. The STICK lamps are the expression of the brand’s desire to increasingly tailor the offer to the final consumer. It is from this perspective – and with this objective – that we have undertaken the collaboration with Studiopepe, an exciting journey that will continue in 2023.”