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Superstar steel: Damast’s ecological “stainless” choice

May 11, 2021

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Superstar steel: Damast’s ecological “stainless” choice


Recyclable, stainless steel: Damast consolidates its vacation as a green company, attentive to ecological raw materials, which respect nature and are 100% recyclable (just think that over 80% of the new steel is obtained from its recycling).

The stainless steel is non-toxic (it does not release ferrous residues in contact with liquids, even if subjected to the thermal changes of the hot or cold shower jet); it is a guarantee of environmental protection; it is resistant to atmospheric agents and detergents; it is easy to clean; it is light and easy to handle.


These characteristics make it one of the most used materials in the world and protagonist of the Damast #doccetteria – of which it represents about 30% of the products in the company’s catalog – both inside the bathroom with shower heads, shower panels, hand showers, both outdoor with ultra-thin and resistant free-standing shower columns.

A complete and structured offer that Damast offers in two variants of stainless steel – one for indoor environments and the other particularly suitable for outdoor use – respectively AISI 304, mirror polished or matt white and matt black painted and AISI 316L, polished mirror or brushed.

Stainless steel is a very resistant alloy composed of iron, carbon and a percentage of chromium which gives it natural protection from corrosion; an anticorrosive effect which, in the case of AISI 316L, is further enriched by the presence of molybdenum (an element that distinguishes it from the AISI 304 variant) and a small amount of nickel, which in fact make it ideal for outdoor spaces exposed to atmospheric variables and corrosive agents or pollution (swimming pools, marine areas, city center, etc).

Stainless steel is also ideal where it is necessary to privilege – in addition to beauty and aesthetic versatility – also functionality and hygiene and it is perfect for private customers, the public sector and the contract sector, environments where healthiness, cleanliness and health play a fundamental role, such as residential buildings as well as swimming pools, spas, hotels, spas, communities, sports centers and meeting places.

The ability to invest in quality materials such as stainless steel is part of the Damast path of promoting a new shower culture, through an ecological product with a very competitive price to the public in relation to chromed brass; a sustainable approach to the shower which offers the user an unforgettable experience.