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Taco, the eco-friendly armchair by laCividina in the running for Compasso D’Oro



Taco, the armchair designed by Alessandro Stabile for laCividina, enters the prestigious ADI Design Index 2023, gaining a well-deserved nomination for the next edition of the famous ADI Compasso d’Oro award, scheduled for 2024.

Born out of experimentation around the theme of developing three-dimensional shapes from flat surfaces, the Taco armchair is a veritable manifesto of sustainability: from the materials that compose it to the production processes required to make it, not forgetting of course its eventual future disposal. The designer Alessandro Stabile explains:

My intention was first and foremost to create a high-quality armchair that was above all comfortable and functional, and based on a completely different technology from that used for the production of most traditional upholstered furniture. I am very pleased that an ambitious project, almost ‘out of the ordinary’ compared to the more classic canons, such as the Taco has received such a prestigious award”.

Taco expresses a simple concept, which starts from a flat surface and then develops into a three-dimensional shell by means of simple cuts and seams. With a change of scale, felt was almost a natural choice when thinking of a flat fabric that has to be cut and sewn in a certain way to take on the shape of an armchair.

Although not strictly speaking a padded chair, Taco is on a par with the comfort of the more classic padded armchairs, thanks to the quality of the material it is made of: two layers of 8-mm felt act as both upholstery and soft support, enclosing a sheet of technical material that keeps its shape over time.

A few simple elements reduce the production steps to a minimum, resulting in lower energy and material consumption. The lightweight seat resulting from this process allows for lower CO2 emissions during transport. Furthermore, the complete absence of adhesives makes Taco easy to disassemble completely into its components, which can thus be transferred to the most suitable recycling chain.

As per tradition, Taco will be on show from the 6th to the 19th of November 2023 at the ADI Design Museum in Milan and then in Rome, from the 27th of November to the 2nd of December at Spazio WeGil. Don’t miss it!