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Tetù, the strong character of Liu Jo Living



In French the word têtu means “stubborn”. It is also the name of Tetù, the new collection of upholstered furniture designed by Simone Cagnazzo for Liu Jo Living and characterised by generous shapes with a strong impact.

In the absence of armrests lies the very identity of Tetù: a soft seat emphasised by the roundness of the backrest. The balance between the various elements enhances the elegance of shapes. In particular, the sense of movement of Tetù sofa is based on the play of suspensions.

The Tetù collection, equipped with special sled feet that join the backrest and seat by raising the upholstered elements off the ground, is designed to provide a unique resting experience, both in the indoor and outdoor versions. The removable cover of the upholstery in both solutions recalls the highest level of versatility and the language of sustainability at the same time.

Finally, the strong character of Tetù is expressed with the same clarity and determination in the daybed version: part sofa, part bed, it is a ductile and sophisticated piece of furniture which fits in many contemporary homes where people want to live in freedom, in both the living room and the bedroom.