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The Candy Box, the sweetest furniture collection



The Candy Box is the name of the new, colourful capsule collection designed by Draga & Aurel for the Milanese gallery Nilufar and made entirely of cast resin.

Loosely inspired by the world of candy and a joyful imagery, it is composed of three pieces evoking a play of shades, lights and transparencies.

BON BON Modular Coffee Tables

Funny, sweet, delicious like small candy bon bons. Composed by three modular parts, entirely made of resin, the coffee tables stimulate the imagination by playing with transparency and colours.

PY Night Table

All of Draga & Aurel’s mastery in handling resin is embodied in these night tables whose decomposed, three-dimensional and geometrical effect is given by the combination of colours and shades.

CARAMEL Suspension Lamp

Made up of a juxtaposition of three resin plates blending different nuances and complementary palettes, those lamps transmit a sense of joy and lightness, like delicious candy bars. The entire production is handmade in Draga & Aurel’s atelier in Como and each piece is unique. Cast resin is blended with colours to create different shades and then poured into molds specifically realized for those products to create the final shape.