The Mirage lamps by Radar light up the Octogone Théâtre in Lausanne

August 13, 2020

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The Mirage lamps by Radar light up the Octogone Théâtre in Lausanne


The Octogone Théâtre in Lausanne is a strongly recognisable landmark of the city, due to its distinctively geometric volume in chiselled cement, the theatre is equipped with a hall with 455 seats and hosts dozens of shows per year as well as a dance studio.

Recently, the foyer and bar-restaurant area were subjected to a refurbishment according to a project by SAS Architecture in collaboration with Alexandre Boyer: the load-bearing walls, which feature the same chiselled workmanship as the exterior, perfectly match the warm and welcoming environment which is carefully furnished with wooden chairs and bistrot tables.

On the other hand, the common area includes the bar counters, the ticket office and wardrobe, which are highlighted by lower false cieling in light plaster evenly paced by the presence of Radar appliques and lit up by the Italian-French brand’s ceiling lamps.

In particular, the Mirage lamps designed by Bastien Taillard have been selected for the theatre in the elegant bronze finish and the particular workmanship in hammered glass, which is exclusively produced by hand, imbues the surface of these dome-reflectors with a wavy effect and changing reflections reminiscent of shimmering light on a water surface.

The Mirage lights contribute to create a unique atmosphere inside the beautiful theatre.