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The Ro armchairs by Zilio A&C become museum pieces in Munich


The Alte Pinakothek in Munich is one of the most prestigious ancient art museums in the world and a wonderful example of the German neoclassical style, thanks to the project signed by the architect Leo von Klenze in the Nineteenth century.

Recently, the building has been carefully restyled, starting from the historic Café Klenze, renovated and transformed into a brighter and more modern environment, without altering its identity.

In this context, the Zilio A&C armchairs have found a perfect location, thanks to their essential design of classical inspiration: in particular, the Ro armchairs by Zilio A&C provided by the company have been 65, all in oak stained beech with dark leather Ehrlich Classic Royal seat.

Designed by Tomoko Azumi, this proposal was particularly appreciated by the Sunder-Plassmann Architekten Studio, which dealt with the restoration project of the entire ground floor of the museum, which involved not only the cafeteria but also the foyer, the educational spaces and the exhibition halls.

Once again the quality and aesthetics of Zilio A&C’s collections brought the brand into an international project.