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Water Saving and Air System: Damast’s green revolution



For almost twenty years, thanks to its exclusive concept of #doccetteria, Damast has focused on research and innovation to offer customers a perfect combination of comfort and attention to the environment: it also does so through column sets with shower heads and hand showers equipped with Water Saving and Air System technologies.

Water is increasingly scarce on the planet and it is a challenge that Damast has taken up by engaging in responsible use and promoting the culture of the shower: if, in fact, an average of 60 liters of water are needed for a five-minute shower, the bath requires three times as much. Just by choosing the shower you can save about 1,200 liters of water per person per year.

Today, Damast wanted to do more, with products resulting from studies and innovative systems that allow for an effective jet, while reducing consumption: a clear example of this green philosophy are the Rugiada and Minimal 2 TQ column sets with Water Saving technologies (internal flow reducing valve, for water savings up to 40%) and Air System (air injection, which mixes water and air reduces consumption, while also guaranteeing full-bodied, light, soft drops and a sparkling jet).

The Rugiada column set, with telescopic and swivel rod for greater practicality, is complete with the Airy shower head in chromed ABS (Ø 225×10 mm) with Air System, Airy hand shower in chromed anti-limescale ABS with two jets (waterfall jet and Air System), very resistant double interlocking hose and diverter.

The Minimal 2 TQ column set is composed of a chromed brass rod, Saturno chromed brass shower head, Nadal Q single-jet ABS shower, anti-limescale and with Water Saving and Air System technologies; the MrT thermostatic mixer with push-button diverter completes its effectiveness: it keeps the temperature constant, protecting it from burns and temperature changes and regulates the flow in order to avoid wasting water.

For Damast, the attention to eco-sustainability is one of the essential elements of #doccetteria.