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Zambaiti Parati, Metrogramma and AMDL Circle work together for Atelis



Zambaiti Parati involved Metrogramma studio by Andrea Boschetti and AMDL Circle by Michele De Lucchi to design Atelis, a collection of wallpaper, in rice starch and pure lines, designed as true artisanal boiserie.

The new Atelis collection is based on two design criteria: the selection of precious and natural supports capable of standing out in the sector market; creativity to emphasize the expressive potential of the material with hand-drawn matrices and then printed, like art silkscreens or lithographs.

Atelis by Metrogramma – Zambaiti Parati

Atelis by Metrogramma

The first collection, signed by Metrogramma, identifies the main design theme in the history of stitching. The idea is to return graphic motifs that recall the art of sewing, transforming it into precious artisanal, manual, and decorative papers.

There are two approaches to the art of sewing: the first is to join detached parts, the second is to decorate surfaces with the designs. The result is embossed papers in rice starch, boiserie-shaped papers in pure linen, and digital panels made in various innovative supports, all decorated with stitches that refer to the most recognized techniques that also constitute interesting graphic motifs. Two of these also allow the introduction of an additional stratigraphy that consists of a photo-absorbent polyurethane foam mattress that allows imagining extremely silent spaces for absolute privacy.

Atelis by AMDL Circle – Zambaiti Parati

Atelis by AMDL Circle

The second collection, signed by AMDL Circle, is inspired by the beauty and complexity of the rural landscape, evoking, through the textures and colors selected for the papers, the history and techniques that contributed to shaping it.

The gesture of plowing the fields guides the creative process, a symbol of the bond between man and the earth: the pigments were “raked” on the drawing sheets with wooden combs with different types of teeth – wide or narrow, square or pointed – creating a language of lines, tangles, and shapes inspired by the furrows of cultivated fields, hedges, and rows of trees observed from the sky. An additional human and emotional dimension is given by hand-drawn motifs, unique traits where small imperfections and asymmetries give preciousness.

The chosen natural colors, such as ocher’s earthy reds and yellows, bluish and greens, blend and combine, creating soft and serene atmospheres, among the vibrations of lights and shadows created by the embossing of the surface. The hues and texture of the finishes were then combined and reworked digitally, becoming graphic effects to decorate, color, and engrave the surface of rice starch wallpaper.

Walls can thus arise that bring into indoor environments the feeling of well-being that we feel when, surrounded by nature, we feel intimately connected to the planet.

The entire creative line is designed to be completely sustainable.