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Forest Collection by Quartzforms, a tribute to nature



Quartzforms is a brand belonging to the Scapin Group specialised in producing mineral surfaces. Unique and high-performance for creating kitchen countertops, bathrooms, coverings and floors, Quartzforms® surfaces retain their unparalleled features of versatility, durability, aesthetic appeal, hygiene and easy maintenance. Standing out among the latest collections offered is Forest, which enhances the brand’s offer with a new collection of expressive, delicately textured luminous slabs, inspired by nature and its spontaneous appeal.

The uniform white colour of birch tree bark, crossed by a network of irregular bluish-grey veins, branching out at the knots, inspired the texture of the Betulla slabs.

Forest – Betulla

Subtle and warm red veins, of varying intensity, chase each other and intersect on the ivory background of the Sughero slabs. Their texture recalls cork wood: this slow and patient work of nature has inspired a quartz agglomerate slab for a harmonious effect with striking appeal.

Forest – Sughero

Its fragmented and mimetic texture, rich in nuances and chiaroscuro effects, areas of shade and bursts of light, characteristic of the low, thorny vegetation in certain areas of France and the Iberian Peninsula, becomes a decorative pattern that sets Garrigue coverings apart.A grey/dove grey surface crossed by thick and widespread white veins, contrasting with the background, alternate with darker veins and unexpected red nuances that determine the style of the interior where it is included.

Forrest – Garrigue

The collection is complemented with Magnolia surfaces, inspired by the plant of the same name with its lush foliage consisting of large shiny, leathery leaves that block sunrays and appear dark and impenetrable when viewed against the light. This image from nature has given rise to a dark-coloured slab of striking depth, occasionally interrupted and illuminated by subtle white veins that bring unparalleled luminosity to the surface.

Forest – Magnolia

Made of full-body technical quartz, the surfaces in the Forest collection feature visible full-thickness through veins. As in all Quartzforms® slabs, the great aesthetic appeal of Forest coverings is combined with the unquestionable qualities of the raw material used: resistance to abrasion, scratches, aggressive chemical agents and heat, non-toxic and non-porous.

The four surfaces in the Forest collection are available in a gloss and matt finish, size 320 x 155 cm, and 2 or 3 cm thick. With their bold character, they help to determine each project with their uncompromising aesthetic appeal.