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Fiandre Architectural Surfaces presents new colours and formats for Marmi Maximum, Marble Lab and Balance collections



Focusing research on the colour and tactile perception of materials, increasingly more important details in both private and public and residential contexts, on the occasion of Cersaie 2023 Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, the Iris Ceramica Group brand, launched new colours that extend and enhance the collections Marmi Maximum and Marble Lab, as well as a new format for the Balance collection.

MARMI MAXIMUM – Fiandre Architectural Surfaces


Ideal for covering any surface with a light, large format, the Marmi Maximum collection is enhanced with three new textures – Camouflage Maximum, Breccia Sarda Maximum and Palissandro White Maximum. The new colours are available in the large slab format 300×150 cm and sub-formats 150×150, 150×75, 75×75, 75×37.5 cm, offering full flexibility in the bespoke furnishing and industrial design worlds, as well as for floor and wall coverings, installation on external ventilated and glued façades.

Camouflage Maximum is a bright, elegant colour with clear grains, at times fading into shaded areas. The texture comes in the new and exclusive feel finish, a very smooth matt effect that is pleasing to the touch, designed to blend contemporary matt looks with satisfyingly smooth, sliding surfaces. The new features also include Breccia Sarda Maximum: a warm, refined texture with thin, sinuous whitish grains and a pre-polished matt and slightly three-dimensional finish. Finally, Palissandro White Maximum is a white texture crossed by many diagonal streaks in different thicknesses, in shades of brown and dark grey that, creating infinite shades, create a weave with a smooth, enveloping effect. The exclusive glint finish spreads light spots and luminous pigments uniformly across the whole surface, making it precious.

MARBLE LAB – Fiandre Architectural Surfaces


The Marble Lab collection includes twenty-one ultra-pure shades chosen from a variety of the most sophisticated marbles, whose grains, now light, now more intense, become a characterising element that creates a polychrome elegance. The five new colours – Alaska White, Jatoba Brown, Patagonia, Camouflage, Breccia Sarda – can be combined with the new 120×120 cm format, as well as sizes 120×60 and 60×60 cm, blending tradition and innovation and extending the possibilities for using these surfaces, available in Maximum technology for large surfaces with reduced thickness.

Alaska White stands out for its dynamic texture marked by a pure white background with grains in varying shades of beige, grey, brown and ochre, in addition to the two finishes, lapped and semi-polished. Jatoba Brown is an intense, refined colour. Its texture is defined by a dark brown shade, warmed up by grains with golden reflections that are exalted by the lapped finish that makes the pleasant polished-matt contrast unique. The surface holds memories of wood, iron and earth, and is perfect both used on its own and mixed and matched with other materials. Patagonia is a precious surface with strong colour contrasts that alternate solid cream-coloured areas with the earthy shades of brown and black as well as some more opalescent parts. The semi-polished and lapped finishes effectively emphasise the design. Camouflage is a bright, elegant colour with clear grains, sometimes fading into shaded areas. Adding depth to spaces, this texture can be enhanced by the semi-polished finish that creates a contemporary matt surface. Breccia Sarda is a warm, refined texture with thin, sinuous whitish grains, enhanced by the lightly three-dimensional semi-polished finish.

BALANCE – Fiandre Architectural Surfaces


Balance is a plain colour series designed to add breaks of colour in particularly creative architectural spaces, enhancing their most precious marble textures. This collection now includes the new 120×270 cm format, reserved for a selection of 8 of the 14 colours: Light Grey, Azure, Steel Blue, Chester Green, Ivory, Nude, Ochre, Marsala Red. Among the most admired and appreciated aspects of technical ceramics, large formats are not only practical and light, but also ensure visual and spatial continuity, while their slim thickness – 6 mm – makes them ideal for different contexts and uses. Designed ethically, large slabs eliminate material waste: the size 120×270 cm meets the minimum height required for habitability. On the other hand, the smooth, almost velvety shades in the Balance collection make spaces bright, adding further aesthetic value when combined with the visual and tactile qualities of Fiandre ceramic marbles, stones, agates and granites.