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ABS Tower, the green project by Studio Archimeccanica


The design of the ABS Tower, recently completed in Pozzuolo del Friuli by the architect Francesco Qualizza and the landscape architect Antonio Stampanato – the two founders of Studio Archimeccanica – perfectly embodies the innovative spirit of this design studio.

The project involved the architectural redevelopment of the water tower located in the grounds of “Acciaierie Bertoli Safau S.p.a.” and aimed at achieving a formal synthesis between architecture and nature, focusing on the dynamic balance between geometry and mechanics. 

The tower is 36 meters high with a diameter of 10 meters and is composed of a steel modular structure. Each module is equipped with a ‘hanging garden’ and their combination, characterized by translation and rotation, determines the architectural volume.

As far as greenery is concerned, the designers chose rural plants with compact growth and moderate water needs: they are mainly ornamental evergreens or local species, the ideal habitat to small fauna.

The tower thus maintains its original function while taking on a new symbolic value as a landmark and a support to the local ecosystem, absorbing 1 ton of C02 emissions per year.