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Progress Profiles, new panels that make life easier


Saving time and carrying out renovations of indoor and outdoor spaces with creativity: it is with these two objectives that Progress Profiles, Venetian company leader in the field of technical and decorative finishing profiles and laying systems, presents PROFOIL PANEL and PRO-GOBOARD PANEL

Lightweight, waterproof and versatile, the panels are the perfect solution to cover any internal and external wall and ceiling substrates, but they are also suitable to create new furnishing elements or load-bearing structures in complete safety. 

The new easy to use panels leave space to creativity and drastically reduce working time since they can be covered with tiles right after installation and operators can finally say goodbye to useless layers of glue and very heavy drywall. 

PROFOIL PANEL, made of high-density extruded polystyrene, is suitable for indoor environments; the panel has a waterproof membrane on both sides, it is reinforced with an epoxy-polyurethane adhesive.

The multifunctional panel is perfect to compensate for the thickness of different surfaces making them levelled and ready for the installation of any coating. They are available in various thicknesses – from 6.35 mm to 50.8 mm- and can be easily customized thanks to the centimetre reticule found on one side; finally, it insulates and thermally insulates, soundproofs and waterproofs floors, walls, and ceilings. 

The new PRO-GOBOARD PANEL is light and stable as well as resistant to compression. It can be used both in outdoor and indoor areas and is made of very high-density extruded polyisocyanurate. The panel is fireproof, acts as a thermal insulator and is covered on both sides by a glass fibre reinforced concrete waterproofing that guarantees an extreme adhesion and installation without unevenness; the various thicknesses in which it is available – from 6.25 mm to 50 mm – allow a wide range of applications. 

Both PROFOIL PANEL and PRO-GOBOARD PANEL thus open new perspectives for design and construction. They can be used to create easily supporting structures, false walls, partitions, tubs or small pools, showers, benches, rises or furnishing elements with complete creative freedom.