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Theatro, a new showroom concept for Thema and Schüco Italia


More than an exhibition space: Theatro is the new area located in Verano Brianza (MB) and created by Thema and Schüco Italia with the aim of building a fluid, dynamic and emotional place that goes beyond the concept of showroom and offers visitors a wide range of experiences: culture, training, research, performance and entertainment. 

L22 Urban & Building and FUD (the Lombardini22 Group brand dedicated to communication design) designed this triple-height structure with complete and functional home environments, large meeting rooms and spaces for networking and design development. 

Some containers have also been installed to provide an intimate space where partner companies can tell their own story, while the set is defined by a wall housing a series of walkways and openings, where samples of products (doors and windows) frame the windows. Finally, the staggered depths add movement to the geometric composition made of aluminium and wooden shelves.

The style as well as the stylistic and composition logic of a theatre have thus been employed by L22 Urban & Building to design the architecture and furnishings and by FUD to elaborate the concept and image of the location (as well as the web platform and the event format), to meet the architects and designers’ needs, who wish to experience, touch the mock-ups and discover the innovations linked to the world of façades, doors and windows. 

An open space that remodulates from a business perspective the traditional divisions of stage, parterre, set and foyer, a place where the solutions designed by Thema and Schüco Italia are showcased in a revolutionary way compared to the market, but above all an area occupied also by the partners of the two companies with a similar core business.