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Abimis, the only luxury kitchen that arrives everywhere – even on a snowmobile!


La Thuile, famous ski resort close to the French border of the Aosta Valley: here, the architect Francesco Tirimbelli has redesigned an old mountain cabin in a modern way, preserving its warm and characteristic aspect. 

The result is a space partly deprived of the warmth of the original structure, where softer colours – neutral and bright – prevail, while keeping all the references to the territory and the informal alpine taste unchanged, such as in the case of the lamps, tables and other furnishings made of raw wood, the fur on the floorboards or the decorations with the typical symbols of the mountains.

The heart of this original project is the kitchen tailored by Abimis to perfectly fit the small space available: for example, the U module – accurately shaped – has been conceived to interact with the internal window sills, which have been turned into useful elements to display or store things. The wide cabinets are completely hidden in the wall, where only a few grooves are visible to suggest their use.

The uniqueness of the project is the skilful combination of different materials: in fact, the version of the Abimis kitchen installed here has a white Carrara marble top, reaching the incredible thickness of 200 mm in the peninsula, while an exclusive wooden finish characterised by a woven micro-texture inspired by the textile world makes the whole room cosier.

The kitchen, a former functional element, is now a piece of furniture, fully integrated with the living area, with which it shares colours and styles, also thanks to the high level of customization – as far as dimensions and finishes are concerned – offered by the Abimis kitchens. The service too is tailor made to meet the customer’s needs from design to assembly, to provide complete, efficient and limitless assistance. 

What better example than the delivery of this kitchen in La Thuile? As the cabin is at an altitude of 2,200 metres, they needed to use the cable car and a snowmobile to reach its final destination.