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Blue Line Park, the themed park by Migliore+Servetto in South Korea


In Busan (South Korea) Italian architecture practise Migliore + Servetto has recently completed the plans for Blue Line Park, a redevelopment project that will change the look of an abandoned railway (5 km) in the waterfront area of the city.

Blue Line Park will be a themed park dedicated to visitors of different ages and conceived to offer them various activities: a place where the city is reconciled with the natural landscape thanks to the targeted use of technology and sound design, but also a new and fascinating cultural hub for events, concerts and collective experiences.

Re-appraising disused spaces, landscape architecture and technology are mixed into a linear park with two main entrances that emerge from two new urban squares: on one side, narrow side streets flow into the Mipo Square while, on the other side, a multifunctional space emerges near the old terminal of the Songjeong railway station. 

In addition, in both access points thin blades of bright yellow and green grass reach up to 10 meters high: consequently, the entrance structure marks the transition from the urban to the natural environment and introduces visitors to a path punctuated by thematic areas, named “Islands of Listening, Knowledge and Encounter” and designed to offer different experiences. 

The construction is set to begin in 2019.