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Built to Last, the long-term restoration of a rural building



In Morbegno (Italy) architect Rinaldo Del Nero completed Built to Last, a historical restoration project of a rural building remained untouched in a dense residential area.

The old barn is transformed into a house with the addition of a new mass, clad in wood, projecting from the original stone, and supported by solid reinforced concrete pillars.

In addition, the interior of the building has been gutted and consolidated through a reinforced concrete box and a completely continuous insulated layer guarantees the level of comfort expected for a new building.

The rough exterior skin contrasts with a soft interior, characterized by natural finishes, with oak wood furnishings and floors as a centerpiece of the palette; on the other hand, the kitchen is conceived as a technical recess in the living room, marked by dark tones and open to the adjacent area.

The addition gives rise to a welcoming entrance porch, as well as a large upper terrace revealing an unexpected space with a privileged view over the mountains.

In conclusion, Built to Last project is a building built to last over time, with regards to its context, fulfilling its new function while remaining the guardian of memory.