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Cassala 57, Il Prisma’s comfortable and connected building



With the Cassala 57 project in Milan, architecture studio Il Prisma transformed a hardly indetifiable and poorly homogeneous building that promotes openness, comfort and connectivity.

© Il Prisma

The new façade dialogues with the square outside and by demolishing the bow window, the building becomes more linear and in line with the context; eliminated concrete frames on the windows gave the possibility to expand the glass surface and create a luminous and transparent windowed space.

The choice of precious materials and, especially, of a metallic sheet with a customized decorative motif helps create a new image of the building and enhance its new identity – more in sync with the Milanese context; the new cladding also works as a sunscreen for windows. 

© Il Prisma

The entrance square, which opens to the city, is protected by a new canopy that is also a decorative element; the openness towards the city increases thanks also to a new perforated metal fence, which substitutes the previous perimeter wall and during the day it encloses a new green area facing the street.

On the back of the CassalA 57 building, scaled volumes are eliminated to create a single glass volume used as offices.

© Il Prisma

Finally, the terrace on the third floor becomes even more enjoyable thanks to a new canopy that protects it, partially, from sunlight and allows to look out from both fronts, becoming a strenght of the building.