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Ciasa Le Fiun, architecture is a mirror of the landscape



In Marebbe (South Tyrol), next to a narrow bend of road Passo Furcia, architect Daniel Ellecosta designed Ciasa Le Fiun, which stands alone on a relatively steep south-facing slope with a view and is conceived to link a commercial construction with integrated official housing to the surrounding building tradition of the “Viles” (hamlets).

Following this tradition, an elongated front gable building with a roof ridge parallel to the slope was created, whose outer appearance creates a reference to the traditional farm building of the hamlets, also called “Stadel” (barn).

The plastered plinth in solid construction with a wooden construction on top of it ties in with the archetype of a traditional, gabled, agricultural building; the vertical, constructive wooden supports give the building an immense presence and make it appear grounded at the same time.

Moreover, the steep roof, the dark wood paneling, and the bright, rough plaster serve as a reference point for the typical rural atmosphere of the area.

In conclusion, Ciasa Le Fiun is considered a mirror of the character of its inhabitants inside and the environment outside: simple, in a clear design language, and with local materials.