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Concrete and glass for Peter Pichler’s villa in Italian vineyard



The Milan-based studio Peter Pichler Architecture designed a contemporary villa on an elevate site in a vineyard in South Tyrol, with a spectacular view of the surrounding Alpine landscape.

The folded form of this home is intended to merge with context, forming a shield around its central courtyard; in particular, the angular structure appears to emerge from the earth of the hilltop, with its sloping walls connecting seamlessly with the roof.

The building’s external surfaces evoke the tone and texture of the local chalk-stone retaining walls and a large driveway connects with a cave-like garage embedded in the sloping terrain, while a set of stairs leads up the hill to the house’s main entrance.

Inside, the villa is arranged as three connected wings: one wing contains the main living space with the kitchen and dining area alongside, while the other two wings accommodate bedrooms, including the large main suite.

Full-height glazing along with carefully positioned windows and skylights let the landscape and the light enter the indoor spaces while maintaining internal privacy; on the other hand, the architects chose a palette featuring concrete, terrazzo and wood ensures there is consistency between indoor and outdoor spaces.

In addition to the central courtyard, a large terrace on the upper floor finally provides an alternative space for outdoor relaxation and is connected to a mezzanine lounge, in order to maximize the impact of the natural environment.