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Didonè Comacchio, the project for Via Campagnola between redevelopment and traffic



Redevelopment and traffic go together in the project designed by Didonè Comacchio in Rosà (Vicenza, Italy), regarding the area in via Campagnola, characterised by a small religious chapel connected to the main existing building, that protrudes towards the main road causing a bottleneck at the intersection with via San Marco.

The main object was to increase pedestrian safety and traffic in general, while redeveloping the entire area: the abandoned building facing the main road is detached from the chapel and demolished while the chapel itself is carefully lifted and moved to its new assigned location.

A new sidewalk in brushed concrete improves pedestrian viability and safety and becomes the limit between the road and the new public space; the new sidewalk also connects the new public space with the adjacent existing church.

In addition, a new plaza, with a green area where the chapel is placed, is created on the grounds of the demolished building and worshippers can safely perform religious functions in this new public space.

In general, people can rest on the prefabricated concrete bench under the shade of the Ginko Bilobas, while public access to the area and the existing northen buildings is guaranteed by a passage on the west side of the area where four parking lots are located.

Finally, the remaining area was treated as a public green area, with greenery used to filter the view towards the existing buildings on the northern and eastern boundary.