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GR House, the perfect place to relax in Puglia



In Ostuni’s countryside (Puglia) the house designed by Reisarchitettura studio is the result of a strong integration between outdoor and indoor space, where the power of nature help people to find their real comfort zone.

Immersed in a landscape dominated by olive trees, maritime pines and vineyards, the GR House combines an original stone structure and a modern extension with minimal taste, while the white lime paint expresses tradition and contemporaneity at the same time, giving to the whole a homogeneous image.

The existing structure, characterised by a square plan, flat roof and 7 vaulted rooms (one of which housed the old wine press), needed to be refurbished and expanded, so it was decided to detach the new extension and connect it to the existing construction just through a narrow space that serves as an entrance hall; the two opposing volumes create an internal patio from which you climb onto the roof-terrace through a stair.

On the south and west sides of the new volume develops a veranda that is completely open to the west, towards the pool: in particular, the pool area is defined by traditional dry-stone walls and a gazebo-lounge in metal structure covered with bamboo; in addition, an outdoor kitchen with the oven are integrated into these walls, while the south side is open towards the valley and the view.

The living room is conceived as a single open-space with glazing completely openable on the veranda facing the pool, while in the existing recovered structure is occupied by the master bedroom with a dedicated bathroom, a guest room with bathroom and independent access, a third bathroom and finally an “extra” third room achieved from the recovery of the wine-press room with a glass floor and a futon-bed.

A perfect place to relax and forget the stress of working life.

Photography is by Alessandra Bello.