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Illyrius, GG-loop’s high-density residential project in Tirana



Son of the ancient gods Cadmus and Harmonia, Illyrius was a brave warrior who lived in the Illyrian mountains (today known as Albanian Alps), of which he was the first ruler. Rooted in this mythological story, Illyrius is the new high-density residential project designed by GG-loop by evoking the aesthetics of the snow-capped Albanian Alps.

Illyrius is located just outside the first urban ring of Tirana, a city in full development, on an empty lot on the Rruga Dritan Hoxha artery, which connects the city center to Tirana International Airport, and to the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

GG-loop used the parametric tool “Mitosis” launched in November 2020: the determined solution consists of four compact towers, tapered in a way that allows optimal light conditions in the courtyard and in the towers’ apartments.

A modular and parametric system of generous balconies and terraces extends the apartments outwards and integrates greenery into the building, while a system of continuous balustrades composes the facade in an organized way allowing a constructive optimization guaranteeing an organic, dynamic and aesthetically ever-surprising effect.

The four tapered towers refer to the mountain range while the natural cladding materials used on the outside, wood on the intrados and stone on the outside, reflect the colors and esthetic of the glimpse of the Maja e Thatë mountains. A journey through myth and contemporary innovation.