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LOFT, the industrial complex becomes residential



On the outskirts of Milan, in the avenue Monza area, Botticini + Facchinelli ARW architecture studio transformed a typical post-war industrial structure into LOFT residential project, near the underground station and the railway link.

The architecture consists of three blocks with a typical gabled section and an internal steel structure. Three long, parallel industrial ships present a body of the building and are incised by patios that allow the space to be recovered for residential use. With the aim of keeping intact the characteristics of the industrial building from which the intervention takes shape, it is enriched with large windows, private gardens, and internal patios.

The project includes 25 lofts that make up an elegant residential complex, developed on the ground floor and mezzanine, with volumes of different sizes and all with private gardens, both with internal patios and external gardens, while 4 flats have loggias facing outwards.

Each apartment has at least one garage/parking space in the basement; there are two pedestrian entrances, respectively from Via Parmenide and Via Columella.

The lofts offer living solutions that are diversified in terms of size and volume, with high energy performance. The generous internal height makes it possible to insert mezzanine stages, and the use of dark grey for the plastering, in contrast with the intense green that envelops the structure, creates a new dimension of great charm and spatial quality, where the important presence of light, together with the private green surroundings, favors privacy, also from an acoustic point of view.

Inside, each living unit has been designed with the intention of maintaining continuity of color and material with the existing building, integrating elements of the conservative project with more innovative structural interventions.