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Matteo Brioni signs the new Aesop shop in Toulouse


Natural ingredients, organic raw materials, minimal packaging and hi-tech beauty formulas: this is the recipe that allowed the Australian brand Aesop to become one of the most beloved beauty brands in the world, and who needed a partner equally linked to the values of quality and nature for the creation of the new body care shop in rue Boulbonne in Toulouse

A partner like Matteo Brioni, whose TerraWabi finish in raw earth was selected to enrich the store thanks to its unique features. This finish is beautiful, hypoallergenic and versatile. Raw earth is a material that comes from an accurate pre-selection of clay and aggregates from different territories, mixed to obtain the chromatic, tactile and functional qualities best suited to each use. It is 100% natural and can absorb light and change shades throughout the day. 

In particular, TerraWabi is finished with Citrus Soap and natural waxes to enhance the depths of the warm colours of the clays, which fit well with the idea of beautiful and sustainable design typical of the Aesop brand, translated into the space of Toulouse in vertical finishes, giving shape to areas and surfaces with timelessness and timeless beauty. 

Located in the heart of the historic city centre, the interior of the shop is inspired by the adjacent Place Saint Georges and the local architectural history. From the outside, one can see the structural simplicity of the setup of the shop and spaces made with different textures, supported by a rough, mineral and bright palette that is as refined as the “coffee” colour that Aesop in collaboration with Matteo Brioni selected for the walls. 

Brioni has thus been able to interpret Aesop’s aesthetic needs, applying the TerraWabi decorative finish in accordance with the natural nuances that characterize the shop’s fittings and furnishings; the large raw earth wall is perfectly smooth to the touch but has a substantial material impact thanks to the vertical brushstrokes texture that balances the horizontal lines created by the brass shelves needed to display the Aesop products, which are refined and regenerating like the environment that hosts them.