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FerreroLegno, the new Delineo has an Industrial spirit


The industrial tendency has become an evergreen of interior design; it is no wonder that even FerreroLegno has decided to adopt this aesthetic style with Delineo Industrial, the new model of Scenario, the line of sliding doors that can be combined with fixed panel too, for those who want to add an industrial touch to their rooms. 

In line with the evolving function of doors, which are now considered as aesthetic and functional furnishing items, Scenario represents the prototype of a new concept: this element is turned into a complete partitioning system with limitless potentialities, which allows separating or creating visual continuity between the rooms, without adding heavy walls.

The new Delineo Industrial version of Scenario enlarges the offer of the Delineo line, one of the four different variants of the range (Visio, Delineo, Premium and Lignum), which are all characterised by sophisticated minimalism to fit any architectural context, meeting both final consumers and designers’ needs. 

In this particular solution, the glass is surrounded and horizontally divided into three asymmetrical parts by means of a thin aluminium profile, which embodies the unique urban look typical of this style. 

The profiling is available in the lacquered version in three colours: black, white and metallic platinum; for further customization you can choose among a wide range of glasses – extra clear, reflecting, lacquered – available in 20 colours and with a mirror effect. They can also be decorated: Map features an elegant orthogonal texture, Strip creates a sophisticated shadowy effect, while Lino recalls the light consistency of this fabric. 

Delineo Industrial also offers the possibility of playing with original combinations by alternating different glasses, to create a unique space, as close as possible to personal tastes.

In the catalogue there are two available versions featuring the same door wing but three different types of glass: Delineo Industrial /1, the most elegant solution with matt grey extra clear glass, with the Strip version in transparent grey; and Delineo Industrial /2, a configuration with bolder colours, where transparent grey, matt black and glossy black glasses combine.  

With Delineo Industrial you can also create a double-face effect by matching two types of glass on the same door wing: for example, you can choose a mirror side and a lacquered side. The brightness given by this model is another advantage that makes it ideal for those industrial spaces where the intake of natural light is to be maximised. 

Finally, Delineo Industrial is available in the following variants: wall mounted, recessed and ceiling sliding. Its L-shaped handle is perfect to meet the needs of every house.