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Messico&Nuvole Flat, a colorful apartment in Milan



Davide Beretta Studio designed Messico&Nuvole Flat, an original interior design project in the large basement of a 1970s building in the heart of Milan.

Starting from an outdated space with great potential, the architect wanted to create a versatile apartment, that can be interpreted both as a single unit as well as two independent units, also thanks to two separate entrances and the original shape of the space predisposed to this kind of transformation.

The style of the flat is dominated by strong colors, arches, custom-made furnishings with interspersed vintage pieces, wood, greenery, with a special touch represented by a small Mexican-inspired corner with an original handmade hammock from the South American country.

A small kitchen, beds and wardrobes are made to measure by skilled craftsmen and a second bathroom completely covered with yellow tiles.

Messico&Nuvole Flat: a dynamic, lively space for young owners.