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Bubble, the “elastic” washbasin by Glass Design and Karim Rashid



Elastic like a bubble. Bubble is the name of the new countertop model of washbasin fashioned from Siliconio® which is the latest fruit of the collaboration between Glass Design and multifaceted designer Karim Rashid.

Bubble features an oval shape with a widened base and celebrates elasticity: indeed, Siliconio® is extremely versatile, providing great design potential as well as tactile sensation; soft, bendy and sensual it can be stretched and flexed, always returning to its original form on release; it is also water-repellent, accident-proof, resistant to extremes in temperature (between – 60°C and 250°C), ‘washable’, fire retardant, non-toxic and offering unparalleled chemical resistance.

Bubble is available in four high impact colours: pink, yellow, sky-blue and lavender; it is the perfect “touch design” product to bring immense personality to a bathroom setting and is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.