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cut-up, the new covering by Mosaico+ resulting from a “cut”



At Cersaie 2021 Mosaico+ will show cut-up, a collection of modules made of Gres porcelain stoneware inspired by the homonymous literary technique born during Dadaism and then used by William Burroughs, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Thom Yorke.

Designed for indoor and outdoor floors and walls, cut-up represents the first collaboration between Massimo Nadalini, art director of this brand, and Carlo Losi, aka CARDO, who worked together on a fragmentation and reconstruction process. They said:

As it is the case for the literary cut-up, we started from the accomplished work – that is to say from the original plates made by CARDO together with Marianna Costi, where different overlapped portions of material and textures coexist. We divided the plates into portions combining small details of the accomplished work, only, and then we created some modules with a selection of these fragments. The one who carries out the setting writes, unconsciously, a new tale resulting from the random composition of modules”.

cut-up consists of 14×42 modules, 8.5 mm thick, which are pre-cut and can be plastered, with a surface which mixes fragments of different textures; once set and plastered, the modules cannot be read anymore and the surface turns into a complex combination of elements, forms, and different dimensions.

The cut-up collection by Mosaico+ is available in four different colours: Ivory, Cold Ice, Mud, and Slate; for the performance of the project, a staggered continuous setting is mandatory, and to ensure the respect of the dimensions of the grout lines, it is necessary to use 3 mm spacers.

A unique proposal inspired by a disruptive tradition: discover it at Cersaie.