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Nomade Architettura, the “new classic” style for Casa EF in Milan



In Milan Nomade Architettura studio completed Casa EF, a residential project characterised by a classic style revisited in a modern key, thanks to elements such as the ceiling frames and herringbone parquet.

The frames draw large rhombuses on the ceiling, the chosen profiles are square, and the shadows they draw are sharp, in contrast with the white of the ceiling and walls; on the other hand, the parquet, present in the living area and in the sleeping area, is very dark, once again creating an elegant contrast with the white of the walls.

The apartment opens onto a corridor that leads to an oval hallway, which in turn leads to the day and nights areas: the corridor has been visually enlarged through the use of a mirrored wardrobe while the oval hallway was emphasized on the ground by the radial pattern of the parquet.

The living room is connected to the dining area and, again, the rhombuses on the ceiling help to visually mark the space; the contrast between black and white is underlined by the choice of furnishings and lighting bodies.

The kitchen, which is connected to the dining area via two iron and glass doors designed specifically for the project, develops along the three main walls, with a clean design made elegant by the use of wood and marble.

The sleeping area have the children’s bedrooms and the master bedroom, and there are three bathrooms in the house: the master bedroom’s bathroom in polished Bardiglio marble, designed in a filing cabinet, the children’s bathroom covered in Mutina tiles, which plays with the geometries of the black claddings and elements, and the guest bathroom with three-dimensional cladding in Bianco Perla and flooring in Pietra di Polished fossena.

In conclusion, Casa EF is an elegant apartmente, where design meets the warmth of a beautiful family home.