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Shipping containers for new Cultiva headquarters by Eligostudio


New headquarters built entirely out of shipping containers. This is the innovative project designed by Milan-based furniture & interior design company Eligostudio (founded by Alberto Nespoli and Domenico Rocca in 2011) for the agricolture company Cultiva, a worldwide leader in the fresh-cut market.

The building has been completed in the north of Florida and consists of a three-story-high structure comprising units assembled and disassembled in Italy in order to deal with overseas shipping, while all spaces and finishes in the project follow the rough, industrial aesthetics of containers.

In addition, because the studio has developed the structure using only shipping containers, the different units slide over each other, in order to create rooms and terraces, completely permeable thanks to wide windows and sliding doors.

Another proof of Italian creativity around the world.

Image Courtesy Eligostudio.