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Three new skins for an old bowling club in Italy


In Luzzara, a small town in the province of Reggio Emilia (Italy) near the river Po, KM 429 architecture has restorated a bowling club to create a new place of leisure and meeting.

The hall has been an Arci office and a bowling center for the last forty years; now the space has been upgraded and renewed through the application of new creative “skins” (textures): the first light and acoustic for the interiors, the second metallic in the front and the third artistic.

In particular, the artistic one consists of a mural painting with the landscape and the typical flora and fauna of the river Po, that flows calm a few meters away from there.

The result is a sophisticated project of renovation which aims to relaunch an abandoned but important area in Northern Italy.

 Photography is by Davide Galli.