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Valtorta 52, flexible workplace and innovative materials for Park Associati’s project



Flexible workplaces and innovative materials. These are the pillars on which Valtorta 52 project is based: in fact, Park Associati architecture studio regenerated part of an office complex dating back to the 1960s, located in a district in the north of Milan that is undergoing significant transformation.

Thanks to a complete rethinking of the façade and the internal layout, the strong retrofitting intervention manages to create a flexible, elegant building characterised by refined materials that establish a connection with the surrounding context.

The existing curtain wall has been entirely replaced and a fourth floor set back from the façade has been added to the three existing ones, offering an additional office space and a green terrace along part of the building’s perimeter.

Mostly characterised by the extreme regularity and elegance of its design, the façade’s geometry thus acquires a more dynamic three-dimensional feel. To increase its streamlined character, its opaque surfaces have been reduced and the fronts covered with a glazed skin throughout. Custom-made prismatic elements made of extruded aluminium bring movement to the surface, adding a vertical dimension.

Metal has a wide range of possible formats and processes and allows high resistance over time. Furthermore, metal is the element that best reflects this area’s well-established industrial character, at the same time giving the building a contemporary, refined character. An innovative use of materials also lies in the use of fibres for the reinforcement of existing structures and a ventilated façade as external cladding for the ground floor.

Developing on the corner between two roads, the building brings its new, open and flexible character to both sides. Whether occupied by single or several tenants, the offices on the four floors will remain spacious and full of light, and enjoy two open spaces, a green terrace on the first floor and the hanging garden along the top floor’s perimeter.

Finally, the Valtorta 52 project is registered with the LEED building sustainability certification protocol, Core and Shell class.