Villa BE, the house listens to the landscape

April 1, 2021

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Villa BE, the house listens to the landscape


In Padua (Italy) depaolidefranceschibaldan architetti studio designed Villa BE, a building brought by the aggregation of three volumes, all with a rectangular plan, the same planimetric proportions and easily recognizable from the outside.

The central body and the south-facing body are developed on one floor and they are designed to be the space for relations and receiving guests; the third volume closing the courtyard to the north is developed on two levels: the spa and fitness area are located on the ground floor while the sleeping area is located on the first floor.

The inner courtyard, bounded on three sides and open to the garden, resembles the courtyards of the Venetian rural houses: it is conceived as the fulcrum of the house, a fourth body but also a void, an enveloping space towards which all the volumes of the house are faced.

The metal roofing of the three bodies lying on the gabled roofs reflects the colors of nature, while the “carabottino” closures allow glimpses of the reflections and movement.

In addition, the square-knitted metal panels conceal the interior spaces corresponding with the large windows, letting in a filtered light that envelops the interior in a daily play of lights.

Consequently, Villa BE is a project that listens to the surrounding landscape, opening up to dialogue with it and receiving its shadows, lights, and sounds.